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the birthing pyre

by The Jane Austen Argument

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Debut EP from The Jane Austen Argument


released January 25, 2011

Phoenix (Kingwell/Dickins)
Piano/Vocals: Jennifer Kingwell; Vocals: Tom Dickins; Violin: Lyndon Chester

Here in Melbourne (Dickins/Kingwell)
Vocals: Tom Dickins; Piano/Vocals: Jennifer Kingwell; ‘Judith’: Tom Dickins, Jennifer Kingwell

Bad Wine and Lemon Cake (Dickins/Kingwell)
Vocals: Tom Dickins; Piano: Jennifer Kingwell

It’s Love (Kingwell/Dickins)
Piano/Vocals: Jennifer Kingwell; Vocals: Tom Dickins

The Debt Collectors (Dickins/Kingwell)
Vocals: Tom Dickins; Piano/Vocals: Jennifer Kingwell; Vocals: Cade Diehm; ‘Judith’: Tom Dickins, Jennifer Kingwell, Cade Diehm; Twitter Choir: Ty ‘The Guy With The Headphones’ Carson, Ryan Tessier, Christoph Kummer, Jessica Allyn, Amber Stricklin, Meghan Dornbrock, Cass Dalgleish, Daniel Lee, Jesse Markham, Gerry Norton, Teralyn Tanner, Jhube V, Clay Robeson, Grace Frick, Nick Schultz, Aaron ‘Man with Hat’ Shay, Kim ‘AthenaMuze’ Butler

Recorded and mixed by Cade Diehm

Produced by The Jane Austen Argument and Cade Diehm

Mastered by Blake Bickel

Copyright The Jane Austen Argument 2011



all rights reserved


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The Jane Austen Argument Melbourne, Australia

The Jane Austen Argument are a Melbourne-based indie cabaret duo who combine raw ballads and sharp tongues with chaotic abandon and overtones of anti-folk and punk love.

Recent collaborations have included Amanda Fucking Palmer and Neil Gaiman.
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Track Name: Phoenix
I need to find a little solitude, my love
in which to catch alight my breath
I need to build a little fire in my heart
which will spit and spark ‘til my death

So I can unfurl the pretty flames
that have my arms
Which I will raise up to the sky
with a twisted smile
And I will sing ‘Glory Be’
and inside, whisper ‘help me please’
and shout out ‘Love, love, love’
For eternity

Oh what have I become
and where is my mother
Oh bring me my sticks and spices
that I may build this birthing pyre

He says I have the soul of the sun
but I’m yet to ignite it
(I’m yet to invite it)
And she says I’m not around anymore
but she still tastes the smoke on my tongue

But I will unfurl the pretty flames
that have my legs
And waltz away my flesh and feathers
and I will cry tears of glee
and I will beg you to save me
But I’ll be flying, flying, flying
It’s mythical policy

Just give me a thousand years, my love
I’ll meet you by the ashes
Track Name: Here in Melbourne
I wake with your hand on my shoulder
Its colder outside where they don’t know we’re naked
All of your friends leave messages
That suggest we should not be doing what we’re doing
But we do not care and where there is air we’ll be breathing
Believe me, where there’s warmth we’ll share…

Oh and why are you not in Melbourne
Its colder here you know
And the stars are obscured by the sky
And why are you not Melbourne
There’s art in the streets
And your feet should come darken my door
Oh and why
Are you
Not in Melbourne?

Under the house of someone I once slept with
We wept on the inside, the outside kept talking
Cos we knew we’d fit together like continents
In the eyes of children who have just learned geography
And you had a lover
And I had a ticket
We wickedly took off with the few hours left to us

And still you’re not here in Melbourne
Its colder here you see
And the stars aren’t as bright as you’d like
And still you’re not here in Melbourne
There’s art on the streets
Put your feet somewhere close to my floor
And why are you still not in Melbourne?

I caught you peeking
When you thought I’d be sleeping
We caught not a wink
For the heat we were breathing
No there was no rest
But at least we weren’t arrested
For teaching the children of the birds and bees (and the bees and bees)
But I wish you had turned when I had turned back
I’d turn back the clocks if I thought we could stay still long enough

So maybe its good
You’re not here in Melbourne
Its colder here you see
And the stars are obscure in the sky
But still, there’s a place for you in Melbourne
And my heart’s on my sleeve
Wish your feet were somewhere close to my floor
You and me.
I mean we.
Could both be
Here in Melbourne
Here in Melbourne
Here in Melbourne.
Track Name: Bad Wine and Lemon Cake
I have a little house
Close to town, but not to the city
Far from home, but near my family
No water views, but so close to the sea
I see
This is how my little life could be…

And I’m filling it with things
Like furniture I find on the street
And all the special things I’d like to eat
Pictures of people that I’d like to meet
I’ll meet them when I’m orbiting the world…

… And it’s so pretty…
… And so lonely…

My lovely love affairs
Are all scheduled ‘round the TV guide
And my sex life has all been plagiarised
In an attempt to meet a harsh deadline…

I’d like to rent-a-wife
Then rent a husband to keep her for life
The three of us, we could be so happy
(Them with each other, me with company)
I’ll see them off on a flight around the world…

… And it’s so pretty…
… And so lonely…

… And at my funeral
they will say ‘Tom, he was such a nice guy’
‘He went too early, but he went in style’
‘They’ll play my music and then they will cry’

They’ll have a little wake
They’ll drink bad wine and they’ll eat lemon cake
And my mother’s little heart will break
And she’ll say:
‘Wait! There must be some mistake
- he can’t be dead
Take me instead!!!’

Oh but I’m not dead
They tell me I’m not dead
They say that I’m not dead
And I won’t die for some time…

I’m in my little house
Just writing little songs to pass the time
Which (incidentally) is precisely nine
So don’t you worry, I’m completely fine
I’m fine
I am just so fucking fine
Track Name: It's Love
Your tomorrow’s raining all over my today
and it’s hard to hear that it’s over, you say
But it’s love
It’s love

And the moonlit cracks on our window
leave spines of light in the dust
You gather your things in the fluoro-lit night
and I think I’ll be alright

You could tell me anything
and I’d believe it -
You’re so sure of your own heart
your heart
But it’s love
It’s love

But I shed people like snakes shed skin
I’m not proud of it –
I’m not proud
But you can’t find your way out of me…
Track Name: The Debt Collectors
See, the debt collector’s coming
He’s come to break my fingers
So I can’t play piano no more…
See, the debt collector’s coming
He’s come to take my tongue
So I can’t sing any songs anymore
I just go ah-ha-ah-ha-ah
To the top of the pop charts
In your iPods
That’s the sound of silence,
Simon and Garfunkel

See, the Grim Reaper is coming
He’s sharpening his scythe
‘Til he can see his own reflection
See, the Grim Reaper is crying -
his business down the drain
‘Cos people do it so much quicker
(and cheaper and better…)

See – our saviour’s second coming -
he’s such a selfish bastard
(some of us don’t get to come even once)
And you see, his fans know to avoid my house now
I’ve signed a sealed deal with Satan
To just love everybody that I can…

You see – I think the Grim Reaper should go after
That fucking debt collector
So I can sing whenever I bloody goddamn well please
And our Saviour should just make love to Satan
So both can see that either
Are intolerable
Without the other…