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Plan Behind (The Beautiful Mess We Made)

by The Jane Austen Argument

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Plan Behind is the new live EP from Melbourne Indie-Cabaret duo, The Jane Austen Argument. All tracks were recorded live at Revolt Melbourne as part of the "Fuck Plan B gig and Party" on the 20th of May 2011.

All proceeds raised from online sales of this EP go directly into keeping us alive and able to make our debut studio album. Please help us out by spreading the word!!!

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released July 28, 2011

Piano/Vocals: Jen Kingwell
Ukelele/Vocals: Tom Dickins
All tracks recorded by Lance at Revolt Melbourne
All tracks mixed and mastered by Blake Bickel at Dynamic Sounds



all rights reserved


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The Jane Austen Argument Melbourne, Australia

The Jane Austen Argument are a Melbourne-based indie cabaret duo who combine raw ballads and sharp tongues with chaotic abandon and overtones of anti-folk and punk love.

Recent collaborations have included Amanda Fucking Palmer and Neil Gaiman.
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Track Name: Under The Rainbow
Under The Rainbow

My brain is made of straw
And my heart was forged from tin
My courage, although fierce, it is endangered.
My sunflowers still grow
Though my monkeys have no wings
My path is paved in gold and filled with strangers
And the city made of green
Was a mirage filled with diversions
And home is always just three clicks away.


My home was blown away
By a modern-age tornado
My aunt and uncle now live far away.
And the lady riding by
Doesn’t seem to make much progress
She’s always exercising, night and day.
And everything is black and white
Except these choices I am making
About the coloured boxes I could fit in
And the room it gently spins
Like a politicians promise
To fix the weather with a weathered wallet
That she’s gone and thrown away


I’m under the waves and I am under the weather
I’m under the pump and I am under the pressure
I’m under the spell of a life lived in leisure
I’m underperforming and so under-pleasured.

And that road it kept on winding
My companions were finding
That their memberships were ripe for cancelling
And that road it kept on going
I left my friends there knowing
Their questions were not fit for answering
My questions are not fit for answering.
Track Name: Made Your Mark

I tried to write you a tango
But all we could do was stumble.
And I wanted to whisper in your ear
But all that came out was a jumble of mumbles
I don’t know you wanted to hear.

And I don’t know if this is a love song
But you have made your mark
You have made your mark.
We met each other’s matches
Then we set the house on fire
And our faces glowed in the flamelight.

So hold out, hold out, hold out your palm
And offer it to me. Offer it to me.
And give me, give me, give me something real.
So real that I can hardly breathe.

The Green Woman, she said
“You know this can’t last,
So stick your tongue out at life
And just get what you can, what you can.
While you can.
And you can.”

We sharpened our claws on each other
Didn’t leave a scratch
No we didn’t leave a scratch.
But you tap, tap, tapped my body’s hollows
To the count of three (one, two)
To the count of three (one, two, three).

And the Oak Men said to me
“look inside yourself and you’ll find what you need
What you need.
(While you need)
And I need…

Repeat Chorus X2

I’m not sure if this is a love song…

I can’t say if this is a love song…
Track Name: Staying Single
Staying Single

Everyone I flirt with has another lover, I discover
Or they want to keep me for eternity.
Everyone I sleep with have a pre-existing non-commitment
Or need a place to live with urgency

And where's the fun in that?
No thanks
I think I'm staying single...

The ants go marching two-by-two into the night without emerging
Urging me to stay at home and watch TV
And at five AM I hear them screaming empty words devoid of meaning
It could be orgasm or agony

And where's the fun in that?!
I think I'm staying single.

And at night there's nothing finer
Than being home with wine
And I'm ignoring all the signs of my own nunnery
But if someone were to love me
They might hold that love above me
And I'd never get enough of all their want and need
Theyd play the game and then I'd lose
I'd rip it up and kill the mood
And then I'd give them attitude
No way
I think I'm staying single.

Fuck you!
Oh wait. No, let's not
Cos I'm staying single
Keep yourself to yourself
I am staying single
I don't really care if you're in an open relationship,
That still means you're taken, fuckwit
I am staying single
You left me for a midget nazi
So I'm staying single
You took all of my money and ran away to Canberra
What the fuck is the point of Canberra as a city anyway?
I'm staying single

(audience contributions)

Your name was Craig...



So I'm staying
Somehow in a live-in relationship now...
Track Name: Silver Suit
Silver Suit

I can't afford flowers
But if I could
I'd not know where to plant them
I don't know species
I'd probably sneeze
But rest assured
If I could I'd weep a bunch once a week...

My very first car
I bought from you for a dollar
It's still on lay-buy
I would pay by any means that you could take
It drove me further
Than I had dared to dream
We spoke at length
When you said to "fly away" and fly I did

I didn't mean to miss your funeral
But like you said, I've got to sing from my heart
Your words like whispers written on my skin
And I wear your silver suit
That you gave my mother away in as I sing.

Dear headmaster,
Irreverent pupil would like to venture
Some advice if he might
Learn to spell your own name
Before you give it away
It makes things easier
When you climb down the family tree
To get to me


You led a protest
Right to the ending
Ending up where you started by the water
I hope you're swimming
I hope you're swimming
I hope you're spinning
In orbit of the stars I'd like to chase...
Track Name: Reunion Song
Well you know
You can never have it all
No you can never have it all
But who wants that kind of weight now?

And I hear
She's a model now, my friend
She's a model now, my friend
Living on disorders, cigarettes and lettuce
In the apartment she shares
With Cindy, her friend
With Cindy, her friend
And all the songs she knows now are catcalls

And you know she can never have it all
No, she can never have it all
She's so far away
From that eisteddfod.

And Joe says he saw the captain in the dole line
School captain in the dole line
And he swears he's a broken man
Still missing his ex-girlfriend
Still loving his ex-girlfriend
It's been seven years
But he thinks there's still a chance

And you know he can never have it all
No he can never have it all
He's so far away
From that regatta.

And she listens
To the weather now, my friend
To the weather now, my friend
Got to worry about the children's sweaters
In the playground with their friends
And the children of her friends
Who she thinks are spoilt brats
But who's telling Sarah?

And she knows they can never have it all
No they can never have it all
They're so far away
From the breadline.

Now I'm kissing Tom's new lover at the bar
(yes, my new lover at the bar)
Guess I've learnt fuck all since high school
( oh yes you've learnt fuck all since high school)

And you know we can never have it all
No we can never have it all
But sure, I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure
We're all pretending...
Track Name: Plan Behind
Oh what a beautiful mess we made
Oh how I wouldn't have it any other way
Sometimes it's hard
And sometimes I'm hard -
to take, to find, to be around
But your wings will fly you far
As we jack-knife through our lives
Leave Plan B behind

Oh what a perfect chaos we found
Sneaking through the cracks of what's not normally allowed
Sometimes it's dark
And sometimes you're dark -
you hide it well, but still I find it
Oh, your voice will carry you far
As we make tracks and trouble
Leave Plan B behind

Oh what a senseless fortune we acquired
Who knew what was coming
When we built and burnt that pyre?
Sometimes it's lost
And sometimes we're lost -
in time, in thought, in reason and rhyme
Oh, your love will lead you far
As we tear down that wall
Leave Plan B behind